Easy Way to Use Google Search to Recharge Your Prepaid Phone

Easy Way to Use Google Search to Recharge Your Prepaid Phone

Google is always there for you whenever you want to know from the internet. Google not only answers your queries but it also offers many other addons like ability to find direction, check flight details, live match score, current news, currency conversion and much more. Now the search engine has added a new feature for android smartphones users which allows the users to recharge their prepaid SIM card right from the search result.

This new features allows users to browse plans from several mobile carriers, compare discounts, check different offers and recharge their number. For time being this feature is available for Android users and for prepaid customers.

If you want to know how to use this feature just follow these steps

Things Required:

Working internet
An active prepaid SIM card
Android smartphone

Steps to follow:

1 Unlock your phone and tap on Google app

2 Now tap on search box and type “SIM Recharge”

3 Now from the search results fill in the required details such as phone number, carrier and circle and tap on browse plans button

4 Now go through the plans and select the plan which you want to recharge

5 Now you will be asked to choose the source using which you want to recharge

6 Follow the payment steps and complete your recharge

As you can see this is a very simple process to recharge your prepaid SIM. You just have to follow simple steps starting with a working internet connection, active prepaid SIM and a Android smartphone. Unlock your phone and open your Google app and search for SIM recharge and then follow the steps like entering your phone number, choosing the plans then selecting payment method to make your recharge successful.

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