How you can delete your data and account with this Google tool even after your death

How you can delete your data and account with this Google tool even after your death

You all must have think about what happens to a Google account and the data in that account after someone’s death? You will surprise to know Google take requests regarding deceased user’s account, but side by side it also gives you an option that allows you to set up a plan beforehand what happens to the account and the data stored in it after user’s death.

Google has a tool for this called inactive account manager this tool will help users set the action Google should take if an account is inactive for a certain period. Through this tool Google allows you to choose what happens to your data, set up automatic replies and lets you add trusted contacts who will get notified before deactivation and this will help them download all your data before permanent account deletion.

You have to follow the below given steps:

1. Open your Google settings on your Android smartphone

2. Tap on Manage Google Account and navigate to data & personalisation

3. Now just scroll down and tap on “Make a plan for your account”

4. Now you will redirect to a new page called Inactive Account Manager

5.Tap on start button under the Inactive account manager

6. Now you can choose the time period after which google should consider your account inactive

7. You can choose up to 3 months to 18 months

8. Now you have to enter your contact number, email address and one of your recovery emails and tap on next button to continue

9. Google will try to contact you using the contact you provided

10. In next step you can enter up to 10 trusted contacts to whom you want Google will notify before deleting your account. In this step you can set automatic replier after your account becomes inactive

11. Now click on next

12. Next step is main step where you have to turn on toggle which says ” Yes delete my inactive Google account and tap on review plan”

13. Now once go through your inactive account plan and click on confirm plan button to save your steps.

Google will try to reach you after a certain period of time before making your account inactive and it will delete your account after 3 months once your account has been marked inactive

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